New Beginnings

Fresh Revelation, Perspective, and Opportunity Brings Me Full Circle

Trinity College President Evan Dobelle (1996–2001) greets me as our campus march stops at his office. Trinity College, Hartford, CT. Photo taken in April 1999 by the Trinity Tripod. Photo provided in 2001 courtesy of the Trinity Tripod.

20 Years ago, I helped lead a protest as a sophomore student at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. The picture above is the moment I approached the College President who came out to address us and our demands which we had published days earlier in the Trinity Tripod student newspaper. Our protest was focused on issues of diversity and racism on our campus.

Now, I come full circle! Next week, Ill begin work as a project manager at Cook Ross, a diversity, inclusion, and change management consulting firm located in downtown Silver Spring, MD in the heart of the neighborhood where I grew up. In so many ways, it doesn’t get more full circle!

What’s ahead for me, my business Good Word Digital and my entrepreneurial journey? In my latest podcast I share a bit about the journey God has taken me on and how, in recent months, after much prayer and reflection, God provided fresh revelation, perspective, and opportunity. SHIFT!

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Husband and Father. Entrepreneur. Author. Podcaster. Convener. President at @RussellFugett

Husband and Father. Entrepreneur. Author. Podcaster. Convener. President at @RussellFugett