MLK Day in 100 Minutes

Russell Fugett
3 min readJan 18, 2021

A brief curriculum for 2021

An Imagine of a book given to me by my maternal grandfather entitled “King: A Critical Biography”
An original paperback of the first biography written after Kings assassination. Gifted to me by my maternal grandfather J. Howard Payne Jr. Click the image for the link to purchase for extra credit.

There’s so much to process on this MLK Holiday…so much many of has have been processing for years and so much many of us are just beginning to process. No matter where you are in that journey, I hope what I outline below will provide a more in-depth look at Dr. King beyond “I Have A Dream”. There is so much more to King. Yes, race is integral to any examination of King but so is his call to each of us to work towards making America a more moral and just nation.

1 minute

  1. A brief twitter thread from Kristen West Savali of iOne Digital that ends in short video (Links in text).

5 Minutes

2. A short video featuring Martin Luther King III sharing how his father would be disheartened by the income inequality and poverty that exist today. (Link in the image below)

4 minutes

3. Next is one of my favorite podcasts, Soul of the Nation, with Sojourners founder, Jim Wallis. In this episode he interviews Bishop Michael Curry who came to be known by many from the homily he delivered at the most recent British royal wedding. In this episode they “share King’s vision of a beloved community and a multi-racial democracy, while charting the path to redemption and reconciliation in the wake of the violent insurrection at the U. S. Capitol.” (Link in the image below)

24 minutes

4. This past Saturday, Dr. Eddie Glaude gave a brilliant virtual speech- part lecture, part sermon- via Baltimore’s…

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