• Glenn Berkeley

    Glenn Berkeley

  • dealWIP


    dealWIP Inc. is a software solutions company offering the world’s premier cloud-based workflow software platform for transactional lawyers and their clients.

  • Shannon R Mouton Gray

    Shannon R Mouton Gray

    Author, “Let’s Get You Hired: Cover Letters, Resumes & Interviews;” marketing & communications strategist; trainer, speaker and general smarty pants.

  • Rae


    Rae Roca Pickett. Ms. Foundation Public Voices Fellow with The OpEd Project.

  • Editra A.

    Editra A.

    Loving Life, Korean Dramas, and Sports! 2X George Washington University alum. LOVE and Work at @SpecialOlympics. My Tweets=My Thoughts

  • Kelcey


    Devoted to joy + appreciation. Serving creators. Surrounded by great vibes, brilliance, and beauty. | 27. Virgo/Libra. DC.

  • David Delahunty

    David Delahunty

    Award Losing Designer. Growth Hacker (I hack trees). Many Fingers in Many Pies (Currently on a diet). The Pied Piper of Social Media.

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