A Call to White American Christians

If that’s you, then you got it backwards.

As I begin writing this around 3:40pm ET, January 6, 2021…Today a terrorist treasonous mob has come to the capital. They have come to disrupt and destroy. And many, perhaps most, have come, some with signs, proclaiming the name of Jesus.

For the last four years I have repeatedly said that most so called white Americans would prefer to destroy this country and keep the parts rather than continue to participate in a democracy that is growing more racially diverse and urban. What the president has done to gain power, along with his sycophants and ambitious power-hungry supporters in Congress, is foment and leverage this feeling among mostly so-called white so-called Christian nationalist that they are losing their country. The hypocrisy of this mob being allowed to proceed mostly unimpeded into the the seat of our government to destroy our capitol in comparison to the treatment received by so many Black Lives Matter protesters this past summer is repeatedly being pointed out on cable news and on my social media feeds. Since white supremacist militia’s have infiltrated our law-enforcement and most of the so the called police unions endorsed our current president, the stark difference in law enforcement response should not be surprising.

This unfortunately is only perhaps the most obvious hypocrisy. The hypocrisy of those who think themselves white and call themselves Christian must be held accountable along with their megachurch pastors who’d rather conduct a fear based ideological culture war while opioids, COVID, suicide, and rural hospital closures ravage rural white communities. This hypocrisy has driven the idea that this is a white man’s land. The lies of our current demagogic president and his worshipers have only provided a context through which this anger, racism, ignorance, and bigotry can be actualized as a tool in an attempt to maintain power: a familiar white power that leverages statements like “all lives matter” and “law and order”. Most recently “fraud” has been the dog whistle of choice when referring to the votes coming from mostly Black communities in cities like Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee.

This hypocrisy is exposing the myth of white Christian superiority which too often has manifested itself through the ugly selfish brutality of America forced upon those who are powerless or judged or believed to be inferior. This has played out in America both through policy and tradition. Too many of my so called brothers and sisters in Christ identify as white first, American second, and Christian third. They got it backwards. Too many have been born into and inherited this lie weather they realize it or not. I’m descended from a free African who fought to found this country. Upon the conclusion of the war, he had to fight again by repeatedly petitioning his Congressmen so that he could properly receive his pension. In this way I’m reminded that, even though he risked his life to found this country, those who think themselves white determined, at least initially, that he should be excluded. I’m reminded that this desire to exclude and subjugate has not changed. While Black folks can exhort and pray for our brothers and sisters it is ultimately left to so-called white so-called Christians to change this.

Whiteness is a lie. The assumed greatness and superiority of America is a myth. The battle we are in is spiritual. Repent. Give no quarter to white supremacists, racist, anarchist, domestic terrorist and those with wealth and power who wish to leverage all of these evils to maintain their power while destroying our democracy. Short of this I do not see how what we are living through is not the end of the beginning of the end for our beloved country which my ancestor fought to form. Perhaps, it’s just the end.

Husband and Father. Entrepreneur. Author. Podcaster. Convener. President at www.GoodWordDigital.com www.RussellFugett.com @RussellFugett

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