A brief curriculum for 2021

An Imagine of a book given to me by my maternal grandfather entitled “King: A Critical Biography”
An Imagine of a book given to me by my maternal grandfather entitled “King: A Critical Biography”
An original paperback of the first biography written after Kings assassination. Gifted to me by my maternal grandfather J. Howard Payne Jr. Click the image for the link to purchase for extra credit.

There’s so much to process on this MLK Holiday…so much many of has have been processing for years and so much many of us are just beginning to process. No matter where you are in that journey, I hope what I outline below will provide a more in-depth look at Dr. King beyond “I Have A Dream”. There is so much more to King. Yes, race is integral to any examination of King but so is his call to each of us to work towards making America a more moral and just nation.

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If that’s you, then you got it backwards.

As I begin writing this around 3:40pm ET, January 6, 2021…Today a terrorist treasonous mob has come to the capital. They have come to disrupt and destroy. And many, perhaps most, have come, some with signs, proclaiming the name of Jesus.

For the last four years I have repeatedly said that most so called white Americans would prefer to destroy this country and keep the parts rather than continue to participate in a democracy that is growing more racially diverse and urban. What the president has done to gain power, along with his sycophants and ambitious power-hungry supporters in Congress…

In solidarity with the Umoja Coalition.

This blog is also available in audio form here. #accessibility

Email received March 18, 2020.

The emails kept coming. Like so many of us I was inundated by emails asking for financial support for various causes during this season of COVID-19. I read the articles about how the abrupt closing of colleges and universities impacted students with fewer resources who were also disproportionately students of color. I recall wondering how many current Trinity students were facing similar challenges. I regretted not knowing any current students of color. I would’ve rather sent someone I know $50 or spend 30 minutes on a call encouraging and networking…

An open letter to my white neighbors in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Recently, I conducted a Google search for George Floyd. In the top 2 or 3 of what Google calls its “auto-complete predictions” was a prediction that I might search for “George Floyd criminal record”. Google tells us they gather and display these predictions by looking at among other things, my location.

This was telling as I also recently understood second hand that there have been conversations in our community about George Floyd’s criminal record as justification for his murder. …

Fresh Revelation, Perspective, and Opportunity Brings Me Full Circle

Trinity College President Evan Dobelle (1996–2001) greets me as our campus march stops at his office. Trinity College, Hartford, CT. Photo taken in April 1999 by the Trinity Tripod. Photo provided in 2001 courtesy of the Trinity Tripod.

20 Years ago, I helped lead a protest as a sophomore student at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. The picture above is the moment I approached the College President who came out to address us and our demands which we had published days earlier in the Trinity Tripod student newspaper. Our protest was focused on issues of diversity and racism on our campus.

Now, I come full circle! Next week, I’ll begin work as a project manager at Cook Ross, a diversity, inclusion, and change management consulting firm located in downtown Silver Spring, MD in the heart of the neighborhood…

Set Goals. Build a team of Mentors, Partners, and Proteges. Get Going!

Entrepreneurs take pride in the road less traveled. We often challenge the status quo and pride ourselves in seeing opportunity where others do not.

Last summer I took in a baseball game at Camden Yards (Go O’s!) with a friend from college, Tim, who I had recently reconnected with. Our conversations covered mostly career and family. Tim worked his way up from the call center to being a regional VP of a large company within 8 years. With hard work, savy, good timing, great people skills, and a…

Who do we think we are?

A long while back, I had a great conversation with one of my advisors Fields Jackson (@fleejack) who is an expert on Social Media and Corporate Diversity. He stated that “the currency of character has increasing importance in today’s world and economy.” The phrase “currency of character” stuck with me. Later that day, I read a piece on Mashable “The Online Activity That’s Keeping You Unemployed [INFOGRAPHIC]” http://ow.ly/oVP4I .

The projection of your character through the medium of social media increasingly defines your reputation and that of your peers. Of course, your peers and your affiliations impact your reputation as…

Reflections of a Christ Centered Entrepreneur

For the 11 years I have pursued entrepreneurship, my primary ambition has been to do a deal- acquire an existing business or form a team and finance a new one with a clear path to profitability. In doing a deal, I would do my uncle’s legacy proud and be set up to do more deals and larger deals and perhaps pick up where he left off at his untimely death. This focus prevented me from focusing on God. This in turn prevented me from having clarity as to who I am in Christ and how my ambition should be focused…

The Art of the Ask and the Humility to Receive.

Recently, I got this text from a family member who was watching my daughter:

My wife and I drill our daughter on her manners constantly. We want her to be thoughtful, kind, and polite of course but we also want her to have the ability to communicate in a way that opens doors for her in life.

In business as in life, I was always taught to “stick to the fundamentals”. Saying “please” and “thank you” helps people to open up, share, listen, and remember you. This helps us as leaders stand out particularly in an increasingly coarse and rude…

In the Spirit of Jackie Robinson, Major League Baseball (MLB) Should Lead By Improving Inclusion.

The racism that exists in America hit close to home as my brother-in-law, Baltimore Orioles Center Fielder Adam Jones, was called a n****r and had a bag of peanuts thrown at him during a game at Fenway Park in Boston. This episode as well as an incident at American University immediately brought back memories of my own experience in high school when students allegedly shouted in the halls to “make sure you vote European” when I ran for school president and when students anonymously called me a n****r regularly on an online message board during my tenure as student body…

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